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Dogs At The Restaurant – Tips and Tricks

  1. Find out you before, whether dogs are allowed. In normal restaurants and cafés, it should not be an issue anymore. In most sushi bars dogs should be able to come in. Just ask it, so to be sure about it.
  2. Before you go to a restaurant for the first time with your dog, teach correctly “Seat” and “Lie down”.
  3. For the first times, do not go to a Restaurant at a Happy Chose a quiet time and place, possibly not you favourite place in town. Start with something small.
  4. Walk for a while before entering the restaurant. Keep the dog busy, so that it will soon get in “sleep-modus”.
  5. Remember – especially with puppies and young dogs – to let the dogs release before entering in order to avoid mishaps. You should take young dogs outside in your arms so that they can really release outside.
  6. Chose a quiet table with a corner- possibly protected – for your dog. Do not leave your dog where people walk always back and forward.
  7. Praise your dog with words, when the waiter comes to your table. Should you dog find that particularly strange, feed the dog with something to eat. Be careful not to rouse food expectation in the dog or you will have a begging dog.
  8. Bring some niddles or a filled Kong to keep your dog busy. Be sure that does not smell bad. People who do not own dogs usually don’t like the smell of a fresh rumen.
  9. At the beginning have just a coffee and a piece of cake; do not order the special menu, so that your dog will not have to stay too long. Gradually increase the time spent at the restaurant at each visit.

I hope these tips and tricks helped you to make your dog the perfect company at the restaurant. Your dog’s age has no influence on it; even old dogs can learn to behave in a restaurant. Do not enter into a restaurant with a dog that has behavioural problems, save you and your dog such stress.



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