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Karin Oswald – Animal Psychologist

The Way to a harmonious Togetherness

As an animal psychologist I mainly work with dogs (and also cats) that already display undesirable behavior. That might be aggressive, anxious or hyper-active behavior, problems regarding excretion, separation anxiety, destructiveness and much more. Often, dog and owner already have experienced a certain ordeal, trying out methods without success. During my first visit to the dog’s home I analyze the problematic behavior in detail. After that I develop an individual therapy plan, and the actual work starts. It is my task to be the intermediary between dog and owner und to make a good team out of them. Before starting the treatment, there is often the case of the owner misjudging the dog, which needs to be corrected first.

A realistic target setting is important to me as well. I also train the owners to interpret their dog’s body language correctly. During the training, the dog learns to modify its behavior during problematic situations. In most cases I support the training with some relaxation work, and I advise the owners how they can mentally stimulate their dog. Needless to say, my treatment is completely violence free.