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Tanja Zemelka – Dog School „Hund-Mensch-Vertrauen“


My name is Tanja Zemelka and I run the dog school „Hund-Mensch-Vertrauen”. My companion is the Beagle-Pinscher-Terrier-Mix „Rusty“.

For many years I have been occupying myself with the cohabitation of human and dog. My work is all about a communicative, respectful and trusting level.

Communication happens all the time with body language and signals. I educate people about behavior and getting to know the emotional level of their dog, so they can accept the mutual needs and wishes.

Dogs need a species-appropriate training and occupation. This means that at the dog school „Hund-Mensch-Vertrauen“ we stimulate, work with them and occupy them according to their character, nature and skills.