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Sonja Hoegen – Dog School „dogcom“

Sonja Hoegen

There are more prestigious professions than being a dog trainer – but none I would rather do. Working with dogs is something that is close to my heart: It can eat you up and not let you get to sleep – and yet, I have never really regretted exchanging my well-paid, secure and intellectual job with this adventure.

When I was 24 years old and founded the dog school „dogcom”, it was a dream come true. And today, I am happy that the enthusiasm for dogs has really moved a lot of people I met: Some customers turned interns and then trainers, others got additional dogs, became dog groomers, breeders or animal rights activists.

A life with dogs should be happy, carefree and yet profound. It is wonderful to be able to accompany human and dog for some part of the way.