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Sabrina Reichel – Dog School “VitaCanis”

Sabrina Reichel

I wanted to help my dog Sheila being less scared of other, strange dogs. So I developed a keen interest in dog behavior, which led me to Ute and Dieter (CumCane®). Here I was shown a way to handle my dog’s behavior and help Sheila as well. Only with the help of positive enforcement Sheila learned to trust other dogs again.

I am thankful to have such a wonderful dog by my side. With her, I have not only learned a lot about dogs, but was also able to grow as a person.

Why did I become a dog trainer? Because of Sheila I came to learn so much about dogs. From these experiences I understood how problematic life with a dog that displays certain behavior can be, and how desperate an owner feels when they are not able to help their dog.

We had been at numerous dog schools, but none of them really could help us. I did not want to believe that my dog was dominant, and that what I had to do was showing her with neck grips and leash yanking who the boss is. When I finally came to CumCane®, I actually did get the answers I had been looking for so long. I was very happy when at the beginning of 2009 I could start my education as a dog trainer and behavior consultant with Ute Blaschke-Berthold – an education that I successfully completed in May 2011. With CumCane® I found a way to train my dog in a friendly way, with reason instead of force, with fun and joy for both parties.

Negative experiences can have a lifelong impact on a dog – but dogs are ready to learn something new, if we give them the time to understand and to relearn.

And it is not only the dog that suffers from negative experiences – his human as well can get anxious or scared. Therefore, my aim is to help and support people and their dogs do deal with their days in a positive way.

I very much enjoy working with people and their dogs, and with my training I want to help to establish a more sensitive handling of the dogs.