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Romy Schmidt – Dog School „Hunde fair halten“

Romy Schmidt

My name is Romy Schmidt. I love dogs, and I like people. Many years ago, I had to deal with the subject of dog training quite suddenly, when my Boxer Ally moved in with us. She displayed more than just one kind of problematic behavior. We attended several training sessions at dog schools, and her behavior improved, but we were still far away from living together in a relaxed way.

I then studied animal psychology at the „Akademie für Tiernaturheilkunde“ (academy for animal medicine), various workshops and internships – originally with the main focus to find solutions for my own human-dog-relationship. But I also developed the wish to work with people and their dogs, since I can sympathize with dog owners, who do not live stress-free with their dogs. I know how it feels, when you cannot find a solution and despair. But meanwhile I also know, that much can be achieved with the right guidance and much dedication, and that living with dogs can actually be easy.

After several years of working as a trainer and much further education I went to Spain, where I founded a dog school. Of course, I was confronted there with the subject of animal welfare, and I volunteered at an animal shelter and managed an animal welfare foundation for dogs. Three intensive years with countless shelter dogs, several animal welfare organizations as well as diverse people have sensitized me and the way I see dogs and humans.

Meanwhile, I have relocated again to Northrhine-Westphalia.