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Romy George – Dog School „George“

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My name is Romy George, and I manage the Hundeschule Romy George (Dog School Romy George). My journey to become a professional dog trainer started 2007 with my first own dog “Merlin“ – a Dogo Argentino/Ridgeback– and it has led me via several stations. I started with visiting several dog schools, training at the local dog owners association and eventually became a trainer at the association’s training area.

Yet, I noticed again and again that I was missing the special education and expert knowledge to really train dogs. 2011 I accepted an offer to start my training to become a D.O.G.S. Coach with Martin Rütter D.O.G.S. at their center in Bonn. I did not hesitate long and seized the opportunity, and one year later I finished my training successfully.

My Philosophy and Work Method
„Understanding dogs –training people“ is based on that training as well as on my experiences.

In my work with dogs and their owners I have repeatedly experienced, that most problems arising in their daily lives result from misunderstandings in their communication. With my work, I want to help to decrease these communication problems and so help with a better way of interacting between human and dog.

It is very important to me, that both, human and dog, understand each other, have fun together and trust each other.

If dogs are not stimulated and supported in the right way, there can be disharmony in the relationship between human and dog. You do not get a well-socialized, content, family-friendly companion just like that. Species-appropriate keeping and occupation, individual training and a lot of patience and as well as loving consistency are a part of that.

In order to keep myself informed and up-to-date on knowledge, I have attended various courses, seminars and internships regarding various subjects with various teachers.