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Michaela Gutekunst – Dog School „dogbasics“

Michaela Gutekunst

My name is Michaela Gutekunst. I belong to those people who prefer living with a dog, according to the motto of the actor Heinz Rühmann: “One can live without a dog. But it is not worth it!”

Regrettably, this motto did not prevent me, more than 30 years ago at the start of my life as a dog owner, to sometimes misunderstand the behavior of dogs or approach them during training with inappropriately humanized expectations. Back then, the attitude towards dog ownership was characterized by the idea that every dog wants to seize a position of absolute dominance over their human family, something the owner must put an end to as a matter of urgency. That this is nonsense, I understood during my social sciences studies and my further education regarding the subject of dogs.

I am happy that I could say completely “good-bye” to such outmoded nonsense about dogs, because even then I considered dogs my social partners… even though the public seemed to expect some kind of “Mutiny on the Bounty”-behavior from them.

In short: I have never witnessed such a “mutiny” from them, only the behavior of furry companions ready to adapt. I never understood, even back then, that people seemed to want to turn them into trained puppets without a life or their own and their sole purpose of life being to obey their owners. Of course my dogs were trained to do certain things, if only for security reasons. But most importantly, my dogs are lovable social partners.