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Katrien Lismont – Dog School “DOGood”

lismontThe aim of my work is to enable the owner/dog team to work together in a holistic and systematic way. Training, education, fun, brain work with joy and variety, fitting for the team’s daily life and individual social environment. Single training, group training, education, behavioral training, fun and brain work – in dog school DOGood everybody gets their money’s worth.

Like other colleagues I got the impulse for working with and for dogs through one of my own dogs (our very special “Daisy”) who made me raise many questions. It was a fortunate coincidence, which allowed me to slowly and gradually withdraw from the world of textile industry. I started with the Tellington TTouch® education in Switzerland, in order to give my nervous Daisy more quality of life. I was so fascinated with this method, that I began, as soon as possible, to teach it during one- or two-day seminars.

I also learned about the wonderful effects of Bach flowers and was trained by Dr. Blome, thus becoming a consultant for humans and animals. These were the two foundations, to which I added an education as a behavioral trainer for dogs by Sheila Harper, training as CumCane dog trainerin with Dr. Ute Blaschke-Bertholdt, training as life energy consultant for animals by Anke Domberg and Roswitha Starck and many other seminars and courses.

My whole life I have had the company of dogs, but during my training I noticed, how little I had initially known and how much I could have done better. I am now able to make up for that and hope, my previous dogs have forgiven me. With Ilios, the Boxer who shares our lives, together with Dakota (Boxer) and Hutch (French Bulldog), I could learn what effort and training can do: away from despair and helplessness to sovereignty and creativity. And this is what I want to convey to my clients.