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Jürgen Seidel – Socialdog Tiertherapie Ravensburg (Animal Therapy)

Jürgen SeidelAfter a successful eduction as a dog psychologist and animal homeopath at the „Akademie für Tierheilkunde“, Switzerland, I have been running the Socialdog Animal Therapy -Tiertherapie in Ravensburg for almost 15 years now. As a dog owner coach and classic animal homeopath (especially for horses and dogs) I travel the whole upper Swabian area for my customers, from the Schussental to the Allgäu or from the Alb to the Bodensee.

An intensive and especially effective coaching of dog owners and their pets is very important to me. A trainer who just teaches your dog to „stay“ and „sit“ does not help you as the owner much, if they cannot explain to you, why teaching these works so quickly. Showing and explaining the context that influences the dog’s behavior constitutes the main part of my work. This is the tool that will eventually enable you to interact with your dog appropriately, when I (or another trainer) have already gone home.

I want you to be able to handle your dog the right way and want you both to have a relationship based on mutual understanding and trust. I provide you with the necessary know-how to achieve this. For each team I take the individually necessary amount of time – not using across-the-board recipes, but individual training based on current insights regarding behavioral biology and learning theory.

My methods are always FLEXIBLE, GENTLE and EFFECTIVE. I also have the possibility to add the use of appropriate homeopathic medication in addition to the training, to influence your dog’s behavior. The combination of behavioral training and classic homeopathy is an option, especially in the case of gravely problematic behavior.