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Jürgen Hinzen – Dog School Rhein-Ahr

My naJürgen Hinzenme is Jürgen Hinzen, I was born 1959 and live in the area of Eifel. Animals have been my companions all my life. In Mai 1998, „Sam“ came to us – a so called „problem dog“ from an owner who had not treated him well. This gave me the impulse for my professional work as a trainer for humans and their dogs. 1999 I founded my first dog school, while studying at the „Akademie für Tiernaturheilkunde (ATN)“ in Switzerland to become an animal psychologist (with focus on dogs). I still regularly attend seminars regarding dogs.

Here is a small selection of topics:

  • Doc training in theory and practice
  • Learning behavior and ways of expression
  • Working with problematic dogs
  • The family companion dog in the modern household
  • Aggressive behavior of dogs
  • Puppy training and puppy socializing playing classes
  • New ways of puppy training
  • Structure tussling and playing groups
  • Education for dog trainers I + II
  • Dog anatomy and physiology
  • Dog behavior and communication
  • Searching and retrieving
  • Wolfish for beginners

Fascination dog

„You will only really enjoy your dog, if you don’t try to turn it halfway into a human. But consider the possibility to turn yourself halfway into a dog instead.“

(Edward Hoagland)