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Jost Wunner – „Rund um ihren Hund“ (All about your dog)

Jost WunnerI was born January 1960 in Regensburg (Bavaria), but I grew up and attended school in Issum, a rural area at the lower Rhine. Later I worked in bigger cities as a certified business economist for textiles in the department of personell training, but after several years as a freelancer I accepted a position within the civil service.

2008 my then 14 year old mixed-breed dog „Georga“ developed problems with her hind legs when it came to walking on stairs. I collected information about physiotherapy for dogs on the internet, bought books – and soon I felt secure enough to give my little patients simple massages. After only two treatments (each 20 minutes), Georga was not scared anymore, was pain free and climbed stairs again. This fast improvement and success was the start of my wishing to turn this hobby (Georga) into a profession. My research led me to “1. Deutsche Ausbildungsstätte für Hunde-Physiotherapie” (1. German place of education for dog-physiotherapy), where I eventually (2010) completed my education as a “Hundephysiotherapeuten/Hundekrankengymnast nach Blümchen/Woßlick©” (physiotherapist/physical therapist for dogs according to Blümchen/Woßlick). In order to achieve a good foundation for working as a dog trainer as well, I started further education in 2013 and successfully (Nov. 23, 2013) passed my exams as a therapist for problemativ dogs, the supreme discipline of dog training.

I am therefore able to offer you my professional services as a certified physiotherapist for dogs, dog trainer and dog photographer.

By the way: My little patient Georga continued to enjoy – for as long as she remained with me – her daily 30-minutes long physical therapy. She would enjoy it so much, that every now and then she would even fall asleep during therapy.