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Herbert Strauss – Dog School „talking with dogs“

herbert_StraussMy motto: Understanding and applying the rules of the universe and the rules of nature – and succeeding!

To communicate with dogs on one level – I resocialize dogs and train the people. For years I have been studying form and behavior and the relationship between humans and dogs as well as the behavior of dogs with other dogs.

I provide a balanced energy level for all participants. I share my insights with interested dog owners. It is important to me to provide them with the necessary knowledge, so that they are able to better understand and manage daily situations with their dogs. Relationships can only be successful in the long term, when there is a basis of mutual understanding – and communication is an integral part of that. The dog needs to respect and trust its owner/handler. Most of my work is based on the behavior of a wolf pack – because within the pack, it is all about “US”. According to this principle, I am the “pack leader”. I control the intensity of the dogs‘ engery levels – balancing these is 80% of the success. I communicate almost entirely on the level of energy and vibration – the only real language our dogs understand. The secret of success lies in the attitude of the owner/handler: calm and decisive. Working with the laws of nature, not against them.

My way of working is in many ways like those of the American Cesar Millan. Even he has not invented the rules and methods. Instead, he has watched and studied the dogs closely, and he uses the ancient laws of nature – watching – acting – it is not that difficult – you just need a certain security, sovereignty, a strong energy and the skill to do the right thing in the right moment. You can resocialize almost any dog.