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Barbara Neuber – Dog School „HundeLogisch“

Barbara Neuber2002 I started my career as a trainer and behavior consultant for dogs and their people, after I had successfully completed my training and my exam with Jan Niboer (Natural Dogmanship). I chose the label „HundeLogisch“ (DogLogic), because it is important to me to make education and training logical from the perspective of dogs.

Therefore, I do not feel bound to any specific „method“, but try to support each dog according to its species, its origin and its character. I do not use devices like clicker, noise cans, water splash, throw bells or headstalls or other complicated equipment that is supposed to help controlling the dog. Instead, I rely on establishing a solid and honest relationship between the people and their dogs. I advise and train the human-dog teams primarily in individual lessons, but also give seminars and group lessons.