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Anton Mekker – Dog School „Magic Friends“

Anton MekkerMy name is Anton Mekker, and have grown up in the company of dogs since my childhood. My dogs have always meant everything to me, have always been there for me, shared my joy and consoled me in bad times. While growing up I quickly learned that a dog is much more than a living cuddly toy, namely a very intelligent being. I began to learn more about dogs, read books, bought DVDs, and practiced meaningful pastimes with them. Behold, our bond grew and we became even better friends!

By and by, I started to give advice to my friends and acquaintances when it came to questions about dog training – but I quickly understood my limitations and eventually I decided to participate in a sound dog trainer’s training, where I learned a lot about dogs and the species-appropriate treatment. From then on I was able to give advice of a much better quality. The successful experiences with my friends motivated me further, and finally I took the advice of others and opened my own dog school (part-time at first).