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Anne Rosengrün – Hundeservice Nürnberg

Manne_rosengrueny name is Anne Rosengrün, I was born on June 10, 1986 in Cottbus. Nearly 10 years ago I moved to Nuremberg, where I have found my home. I spent my childhood in Cottbus. I have a driver’s license (since 2007) and own a car.

Dogs and me – that started in 1997, when our Doberman „Ginger“ („Gilly“) moved in with us. She was a brown Doberman bitch and came from a private breeder. From then on (I was still a child then) I occupied myself with dogs and learned about them. Ginger was in general a friendly dog. She had problems with other dogs, but was otherwise easy to get along with. She was quiet and a bit stubborn.

I constantly continue my education by visiting seminars and lectures and by exchanging experiences with fellow dog trainers and sitters. I work according to CumCane, where I also pursued my education as a dog trainer. In dog training and dog care I work with marker signals (clicker) and rewards. Generally your dog is treated here friendly and fair. We are very happy to take care of your dog and gladly aim to fulfill your extra wishes. Your dog should be socially acceptable.

I successfully finished my dog trainer education at CumCane® in 2013, and in January 2015 I started training as a dog physiotherapist and alternative practitioner for animals at the ATM – thus expanding my knowledge for a whole new area.