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Andrea Wiesner – Dog School „PowerPets“

ThAndrea Wiesnere aim of my work and the service I offer is to show dog owners new training methods and to provide – aside from performance pressure – a relaxed, rich time together, as well as to encourage a better understanding of the “buddy partner” dog. Many problems are based on misunderstandings and misperceptions, especially with regard to the dog’s needs. My focus is on stress management and bonding work, confidence building and the development of new problem-solving strategies regarding the dog. I have adapted the Montessori motto: „Help me to do it myself“ for my work with human-dog teams.

I am academically certified specialist in animal-assisted therapy and support measures and have been working and teaching in this field for over 15 years with a wide variety of animal species, but mainly with my dogs. My first companion was a Greek street dog who mainly taught me that love does not necessarily have anything to do with fulfilling expectations. I consider myself lucky that – for more than 20 years – I have always been having one and usually several dogs at my side, who enrich my life and are and have been my best teachers. Currently my pack includes four dogs – a German Shepherd Mix from Romania, a Portuguese Sheepdog, a Mudi mix and a Pumi-Spitz mix.