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Andrea Weichert – Dog School „Vorzeigehund“

AAndrea Weichertfter graduating as a qualified sports economist I dedicated myself to my hobby – the dogs. Due to my Spanish rescue doe Fion I met Uwe Friedrich, whose handling of dogs seemed like magic to me. I am an ambitious person, and very soon I knew: I, too, wanted to work with dogs in such a way and help people and dogs in their dealings with each other.

Since then, I have developed my own ways of working with people and dogs. In constant dealing with dogs of all ages, of different races and with the most diverse characters you quickly realize that there is no „training concept“ that is suitable for all dogs and their owners. This is also the basis of my work: INDIVIDUALITY. And in the constant flow of development – be it by sharing experiences with colleagues or my clients – this basic idea of mine is confirmed to me over and over again. The focus with “Vorzeigehund” is daily life-oriented training, so that you can take your four-legged friend with you anywhere without causing negative attention or eventually getting annoyed. This includes communication, role behavior, workload etc.